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Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club (OLSC) - Adelaide


Growing up in London, I was a member of the London Branch of the Supporters Club, from the late 1970s, not long after it was formed (it’s the oldest Branch outside of Liverpool). I was heavily involved with them (being secretary for many years) until my emigration to Australia in 2004. Not long after moving here I started a new fans group which was called LFCDownunder and this was a very successful Internet forum for a few years. In 2008 I formed LFC Adelaide and was Chairman until ‘retiring’ in 2015, after the successful tour to Adelaide by the club Away from the Supporters Club, I was elected to the LFC official Supporters Committee, originally representing International Fans (East) , and then this became all International fans and I was also Vice Chairman. This was one of my biggest achievements, meeting with club owners and senior management at Anfield 4 times a year. I held this position until the committee was disbanded and the Fans Forum model was started, which I am still part of. Having been to many hundred games at Anfield and away, it’s hard to pick the best ones, but probably the 1986 (Chelsea away to win the league and then the FA Cup final the next week v Everton) were two of the most enjoyable, but for actual team performance the 5-0 v Forest in 1988 was the ‘best’ performance. My passion for helping LFC fans hasn’t wavered in over 25 years of being involved with supporters, and I intend on continuing this to ensure all LFC fans in the region are looked after.

Matthew Selby


Born in Liverpool to a family of Evertonian’s, Mam, Dad and 3 Brothers. I am so blessed to have been the Red Sheep in the family. Being Catholic I have a lot of relatives back home and most are Bluenoses. I am very fortunate to have watched Liverpool play live in England, Scotland, Europe, Asia and of course Australia. My most memorable match was sitting front row and watching Gerrard score 3 goals to win 3-nil against Everton. In addition in my travels I have watched matches with supporters clubs in Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. In the United States I’ve watched with supporters clubs in Los Angeles, Miami, San Antonia, San Diego and Seattle. Plus Australian supporters clubs in New South Wales, Victoria & Western Australia. What it means to be a Liverpool Fan: “It means never ever giving up. It means sticking by your friends. It means sticking by the club win, lose or draw. It means paying respect. It means remembering our fallen. It represents compassion, comradeship, inspiration and dignity. Above all, it means family. 'You'll Never Walk Alone' is more than just a club anthem; it's a way of life".

Tom Denny


John Hargreaves

General Committee Member

Originally from just outside of Liverpool, our family migrated to Adelaide in 2008. Since migrating, we have travelled to every Tour game that Liverpool have played in Australia, and generally try and catch a game at Anfield on trips back to the UK every couple of years or so. In 2016, Scott also spent 12 months back in the UK studying and attending the Fowler Education and Football Academy, he picked a good year, and attended all home cup games that year, including that famous Anfield night against Dortmund. We were also lucky enough to travel to Kyiv for the Champions league final, although the result went against us, we had a fantastic trip and were front row for the BOSS Jamie Webster event with RedMenTV & The Anfield Wrap in Shevchenko park. We also had the story of our trip printed in the LFC membership yearbook 2019. As huge fans of Fan Culture, and how it has developed in recent years, we host "thefootballpink" podcast, and are excited to be part of the next chapter of OLSC-Adelaide.

Simon Parr

General Committee Member

An Adelaide born and bred lad, my love for LFC started when I wanted to play soccer at the age of 6, mum said (to quieten me down) go and watch the soccer on the TV (an FA Cup replay) I asked who the team in red was, it was LFC. At high school, we would all be keen as mustard watching the highlights show on a Monday night, Tuesday come along and we all gave each other stick about the results. I visited Anfield when I was 17, which really fueled my passion for LFC. I have been to the Melbourne and Adelaide games, met with Rush, Fowler (at Claymore) Luis Garcia, Dieter Hamman, David Fairclough. My son and I have been members of OLSC Adelaide for since 2015.

Ray O'Connor

General Committee Member

I am born & bred in Middlesbrough UK, I upset my Dad by telling him I wanted to support LFC as a small child, as he was a Boro supporter, I loved watching them play as a youngster, that love grew & grew, I was really upset moving away from the UK t AUS in 1982, all I ever wanted was to go to Anfield to watch the boys in red play, that dream finally came true in October 2018, I watched them play Cardiff, the tears flowed. My son and I have been members of OLSC for 5 years and have enjoyed watching many games with fellow members/supporters, also have enjoyed many visits from LFC greats, I got to meet Robbie Fowler in a small function at Adelaide Oval and at the Arkabar hotel, also Garcia, Hamann, Smicer, one of my favourite players Jamie Carragher (and yes tears flowed), Ian Rush and my sons favourite play Bruce Grobbelaar. My son and I travelled to Melbourne to watch the boys play and we were Adelaide Oval cheering them on. I love this club to the core and to be a part of the committee is something I am so proud of, to be able help grow the club along side the other very committed and dedicated members is going to be a great experience and one I will put my all in, YNWA.

Teri Ward